Rowan Morrison

Writer and editor


Rowan is a writer and editor based in Cleveland, Ohio, with a focus on trauma,
trans identities, political wonkery, and storytelling.


May 2016–March 2018: Breaking news coverage for Talking Points MemoSeptember 2018: WTFAQ: Every Big Question You Have About The Midterm Elections, Answered (Bustle)September 2018: Property Law and the Body of the Beautiful Daughter (Argot Magazine)December 2018: One Love Story, Told Two Ways (co-written with Dylan Morrison for DailyXtra)January 2019: Places Where I Have Dissociated (an independent zine edited by Waverly SM)July 2019: Little Girls In Shitty Boxes (Argot Magazine)March 2020–hiatus: 12-Point, Double-Spaced (Buttondown)October 2020: Cooking's Therapeutic Nature (Cleveland Magazine)September 2020–January 2023: Ed. khōréō magazine